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Are you taking:
. . .A business trip to another country?
. . .Your dream vacation to a special place?

Are you traveling with:
. . . children?
. . . elderly travelers?
. . . travelers with special medical conditions
(Pregnancy, heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer...)?

No one wants to be inconvenienced with illnesses during their travels. Traveling exposes people to changes in time zones, unusual foods and a variety of diseases. Why take this chance?

Immunization and medication recommendations vary from country to country. Print and online sources are available but, often only provide the required immunizations to travelers. Many times, recommended immunizations and precautions are not addressed. The Travel Advisory and Immunization Clinic will explain the risks associated with your specific destination and recommend optimum precautionary measures.

Whether for business or pleasure, international travel can be a rewarding experience. Pre-travel immunizations and counseling is an integral part of your trip planning. Allow yourself adequate protection by scheduling vaccinations 1-2 months ahead. Travel Advisory and Immunization Clinic can help to ensure that you have a safe and healthy travel experience.

Please contact the Travel Advisory and Immunization Clinic today at (301)738-6420 to ensure your travel safety.


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