Travel Advisory & Immunization Clinic

No matter the reason for travel, be it business, pleasure, adventure or medical relief work, a safe and illness-free travel experience is paramount for all travelers. Your personal physician can certainly administer some of your travel-related vaccinations but a travel clinic can provide you a more comprehensive service with up-to-date information and prevention advice based on your specific itinerary.

Our clinic is a full service travel medicine clinic that has served travelers and overseas employees of several international companies in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area for over 15 years. Our clinic is a state-certified immunization facility offering a complete set of vaccines for the travel, including hepatitis A & B, meningococcal and yellow fever vaccines. Our medical director is specifically trained and certified in tropical medicine and travelers' health and our clinical nurses are highly trained and experienced in the area of travel immunizations and the needs of travelers.

Our services to our clients include:

Complete selection of required and recommended vaccines

Country-based handouts of significant risks based on your specific travel itinerary

Advice on self - treatment and prevention

Prescriptions to prevent :

Altitude sickness
Motion sickness
Traveler's diarrhea and/or dysentery
Blood-borne pathogen exposure